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The Magic wand is a powerful 240 volt mains powered handheld vibrating massager. It also boasts being the No. 1 selling style of body massager on the market due to its ergonomic design, powerful non-stop vibrations, reliability, and versatility in use. Try the best Australian version of the Hitachi Magic wand.

The Magic Wand has a unique feature that is unlike any other vibrator: a soft spherical head measuring seven inches around. Not intended for insertion, this wide head is able to reach all of the most sensitive parts of the female anatomy at once and with a strong resonating vibe, orgasms abound. Unlike cordless vibes, its robust electric motor is powered using a standard cord/plug, providing a constant power source for extended pleasure play. Two speeds. The Magic wand is not a genuine Hitachi but an Australian version of the Hitachi.